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Sanctuary cable range overview

The Sanctuary range of cables are the result of many years of careful listening and development. They are incredibly labour intensive to produce, taking several man hours per metre to assemble from some of the finest materials available.

As with all our products great care has been taken to ensure that all aspects of the design have been carefully considered and balanced, which has led us to use the most natural materials possible, as quite simply we found that avoiding synthetic materials wherever possible produced a more accurate sound.

It is for this reason our cables are made the way they are, we use silk and natural unbleached cotton as insulators which simply sound more natural and less coloured than all of the alternatives we tried. Our belief is that insulator quality is at least as important, if not more so, than conductor quality.

However we don’t skimp on the conductors either, the ones we use are made from multiples of extremely pure (99.99%) solid silver of thin diameter which preserves perceived speed and dynamics whilst providing sufficient cross section to enable both consistent sound from the lowest to high frequencies and also makes them suitable for relatively long cable lengths where required.

Each conductor is individually insulated, no two strands are allowed to touch one another during their length, we do this as we find it improves both focus and clarity, despite being enormously time consuming, as every process is completed by hand, it is essential to the design of our cables.

The individual cotton covered silver conductors are then twisted or platted by hand to ensure the correct tension and pattern is achieved.

Despite their delicate appearance these cables are remarkably robust and we have been using and developing them over the a decade and a half so we know that the performance you hear now will be with you for many years.

Put simply these are the best cables we can currently make, we feel their performance is as non subtractory and non additive as possible, resulting in a sound that is simply incredibly neutral and balanced.