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Copper Star Mains Distribution Unit

The Copper Star is a 6 way mains distribution block designed for all purist hi-fi applications. We feel that conventional mains filters do far more harm than good when used with well designed hifi equipment, so in the Copper Star no filtration is used at all, allowing the full dynamic contrast of your music to be heard without impediment.

The supply comes in on a 10A IEC socket and is immediately star connected on the live, neutral and earth connections to the 6 sockets. The result is that every socket on the block sounds the same (the more common star earthed or bus connected mains block generally have sockets that sound better nearest the mains inlet, meaning you have to compromise on which items get the best sounding supply - something completely eradicated in the design of the Copper Star).

The housing is made from CNC cut stacked Birch plywood, which was chosen for to its excellent sonic properties as it forms a very rigid yet well damped enclosure (which is of course non ferrous and low static, unlike most metal and plastic alternatives). This is then hand finished and waxed to ensure that it continues to look great after many years of use.

The Copper Star is completely point to point hard wired, no circuit boards are used in its construction. All wiring is very high quality unplated OFC copper with PTFE insulation, chosen for its even and consistent tonality, excellent dynamic resolution and wide bandwidth.


Dimensions: Length 59.5cm, width 11cm, height 8cm

Weight: 2.25kg unpackaged

Mains Voltage 110-240V

Mains Inlet: 10A IEC connector

Outlets on UK version: 6 x UK 13A copper plated mains sockets as standard, all other mains connections are available to special order

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