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heretic audio ‘The Rack’

Material choice and the way it’s used are key to the heretic audio approach to producing hi-fi equipment, and equipment supports are a perfect example of where this approach can make or break the performance of a system.

The heretic audio ‘the rack’ is designed to dissipate energy quickly and evenly out and away from any equipment placed upon the shelves. They are lightweight and have a sympathetic way of dealing with vibration and resonance.

These go against the oft perceived requirements for equipment supports to be ultra rigid and of high mass. High rigidity means you get more prominent spikes of resonance and high mass means energy is stored. This may require a leap of faith until you try one of our supports, but the benefits are immediate and dramatic, suddenly the colouration and artifice inherent in other support systems become apparent.

Most racks lose performance as they’re loaded up with more and more equipment, the combined mass of each item has a profound negative affect on the sound of every item supported. On ‘the rack’ each shelf is supported on extremely strong tensioned cord, which substantially reduces this interaction, allowing each item to shine almost completely unhindered by its neighbours. Great care has also been taken to avoid the use of elastomers like rubber throughout. Whilst many feel these damp vibration they also spoil coherence, colour the mid range and ruin the important rhythmicality of music to an unacceptable degree.

Naturally the shelves are special too, these unique platforms are made from a composite of end grain balsa wood on a strong plywood backing, neatly edge veneered with plywood facing. The end grain of the balsa acting as an excellent conduit to get vibration out of the equipment cleanly. Matching balsa end grain and carbon fibre feet are provided with each shelf to bypass the existing (often rubber) feet on your hifi equipment.

Not only is the frame low mass, but thanks to the precisely CNC cut interlocking Birch plywood design it has been possible to avoid using metal in its construction, which again results in very low levels of colouration.  

The number of shelves and their positions are easily altered but moving the position of the tensioned cord.


Size:shelf size 46cm (18”) wide by 36cm (14) deep

Frame external dimensions: Height 80cm (31.5”) excluding spikes, width 63.5 (25”) and 50cm (19.7”) depth.

Finishes: Natural as standard, with various stains available to order.

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