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Huron 3


The Huron 3 is a high efficiency, wide bandwidth floor standing loudspeaker suitable for use in a wide range of systems and settings.

It has been designed to produce what we feel is a remarkably lifelike sound that majors in scale and dynamics, whilst still rendering a natural and believable tonal palette.

Due to the large radiating area of drive units and waveguide it combines low intermodulation distortion with an even dispersion characteristic, which helps produce a sound that is effortless and realistically proportioned.

These speakers are exceptionally easy to drive, with a high and smooth impedance curve making them suitable for all amplifiers including zero feedback designs with high output impedance (like most single ended triode designs, which were used extensively throughout development). It also means that low powered amplifiers can used (which, all things being equal, invariably sound superior to more powerful designs).

The high efficiency of the design means that more of the electrical signal is converted to sound than is common, and this is apparent in the level of speed and dynamic contrast audible.

What’s more the high sensitivity has been achieved without resorting to a low impedance, the Huron 3 is over an 8 Ohm load throughout the majority of its range, meaning it doesn’t draw much current from the amplifier.

As with all our products whilst measurements are made throughout the development process it’s the ear and not the test equipment that has the final say in sound quality of our products, and in the case of the Huron 3 this meant hundreds of hours of experiments to get to the speaker you see here.

We are proud that the speakers are hand assembled in the UK, and use locally sourced parts wherever possible.

The drive units

The Huron uses a waveguide (horn) loaded soft dome tweeter which aids with dispersion, increases efficiency, lowers distortion and even helps with time alignment. The result is a treble region with exceptional perceived speed and integration.

For lower frequencies four 6 3/4” drive units work in unison, effectively in a line array, to cover the mid and bass region. This means they have an equivalent radiating area of a much larger drive unit, and so dramatically reduce required excursion, and thus distortion. Compared to a much larger single driver they also allow a narrower, more domestically acceptable cabinet design and provide a superior response and dispersion at higher frequencies.

This is key to the effortless and dynamic presentation of the Huron 3.

The bass/mid drivers feature doped paper cones - a very natural and tonally correct sounding material which has been combined with rubber suspension for long life even in humid climates.

All drive units feature over sized Ferrite motor systems, rather than the increasingly common neodymium magnets, these were chosen due to the warm tonality and texture they offer.

The crossover

The key to getting great results from any multi-way speaker is the crossover. In the Huron 3 we have used a simple second order configuration chosen after very extensive auditioning and experimentation. Quality film capacitors and oversized air cored inductors are used throughout. Internal wiring is a high purity OFC copper with quality synthetic insulators. All joints inside the speaker are soldered (with a silver content solder, chosen after auditioning) and point to point wiring is used throughout. This leads to greater production costs but provides the best possible sound quality. The speakers are supplied with a single wired set of terminals that will accept bare wire, spades and 4mm banana plugs.

The Cabinet

The cabinet is made from medium density fibreboard and is veneered with real wood both on the inside and outside. The enclosure uses multiple braces that tie the front, side and rear walls of the speakers together resulting in a very rigid box. Small amounts of additional damping material are strategically applied internally with the minimum amount of internal wadding added, as we feel this results in the best transient response. The cabinet is reflex loaded at the front via a substantial slot port, which is proportion and shaped to keep the air speed low, which helps reduce audible turbulence to an absolute minimum.

A full length grille is included, although we recommend that this is removed for all serious listening.


We wanted the Huron 3 to be as easy to position as possible, making it successful in a wide variety of rooms. Despite its good bass extension, in most rooms it’s possible to place it against a solid wall, and even relatively close to corners, and so whilst the cabinet is deeper than many of its similarly priced competitors it will generally take up less room space than most.

The wide and even dispersion means that these speakers do not have a small listening spot, meaning several listeners can enjoy the them at the same time.


Dimensions: Width 24cm (9.5”), Depth 46cm (18”), Height 104cm (41”) excluding spikes

Weight: 25kg (55lb) unboxed

Impedance: 9 Ohms nominal (minimum 7.5 Ohms)

Sensitivity: 95 dB for 1 watt at 1 metre

Frequency range: 30Hz to 20khz

Power handling: 200 watts (unclipped)

Minimum recommended amplifier: 7 watts and upwards for most listeners/rooms will be ample

Standard finishes: Natural Cherry real wood veneer, Walnut real wood veneer, Satin Black finish, Satin White finish.

Optional finishes (at additional cost): Gloss Black finish & Gloss White finish.

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