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Huron 3SV


The Huron 3SV is an evolution of the standard Huron 3 detailed here.

The ‘SV’ of the name stands for Silver Version, which gives a hint at the changes involved - for a start all internal cabling is made from our mutistrand pure silver wire which we insulate with natural cotton. This wiring change alone allows the speaker to simultaneously offer greater subtlety, textures and transparency, whilst tonally being even more faithful than the standard model.

The crossover also has massively upgraded capacitors and resistors which were chosen after tireless listening sessions to get the best blend of strengths. Sonically these changes open the window into the recording much wider, improves the tonal colouring, reduces grain and hash whilst building on the exceptional dynamics of the standard model.

The tweeter is also  refined, they are modified and now feature no viscous damping of the coil and a more highly damped rear chamber behind the diaphragm. Each tweeter is then put through the same rigorous testing as we do for all our speakers.

The cabinet also has considerably more damping in key areas, a hugely time consuming process, but one that helps lower the cabinet signature even further from the rigidly braced enclosure.

From the outside the changes are limited to subtle cosmetic differences on the tweeter and a pure silver plated name plate which like the copper of the standard model is left uncoated to develop a natural patina over time.

Hifi Plus magazine reviewed the Huron 3SV in the January 2015 edition and said:

“The Huron 3SV is effortlessly dynamic, which makes music sound like real music played by real musicians”

“The Huron 3 is about energy and solidity” “is a fine a fine exemplar of the goals of the ‘absolute sound’ in so many respects.”

“For those who need a good valve-amp friendly floorstander with excellent bass and a truly no-compromise appeal, you’d be hard pressed to better this loudspeaker. Check it out!”

You can read the full review by clicking here (pdf opens in new window)


Dimensions: Width 24cm (9.5”), Depth 46cm (18”), Height 104cm (41”) excluding spikes

Weight: 25kg (55lb) unboxed

Impedance: 9 Ohms nominal (minimum 7.5 Ohms)

Sensitivity: 95 dB for 1 watt at 1 metre

Frequency range: 30Hz to 20khz

Power handling: 200 watts (unclipped)

Minimum recommended amplifier: 7 watts and upwards for most listeners/rooms will be ample

Standard finishes: Natural Cherry real wood veneer, Walnut real wood veneer, Satin Black finish, Satin White finish.

Optional finishes (at additional cost): Gloss Black finish & Gloss White finish.

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